Privacy Policy

If you need to find out more about the way we use your information, you’ll want to read through this page.

Browser Cookies

Our company uses Google Analytics for marketing analysis of users’ tendencies by making use of internet cookies.
Internet cookies display details about the user’s Internet browser activity but do not give access to any personal data.
The cookie information is returned to our company as internet activity reports after being handled by Google.

Personal data

Any time a customer places an order and continues with payment, she or he will be asked to leave some billing details and contact info.
We guarantee that your data is protected, and it is used for order-related purposes only.
We can use your e-mail address only when we have to inform you of the order status changes or any urgent matters. Under no circumstances will our company distribute this data and will never provide access to it.
In some rare cases, we might call you. If we do, it will generally concern orders with tight deadlines and situations when we cannot open attached documents or the provided instructions are unclear.

Website visitor details

People who use our website provide us with certain info regarding the version of their operating system, their internet browser, etc.
We get that information to make the website’s design better and to meet all your needs. But, we in no way give those details to any other organizations for commercial or any other purposes.

Links to Other Websites

We cannot be held liable for inappropriate, partial, or unlawful data or for issues that result from the use or non-use of any data on those websites.
Also, our privacy policy section can be revised and changed if such need arises.
You follow all its recent adjustments by visiting this section regularly.

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